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February 5th, 2018 – Morrill Hall Week

Good Morning Families!

This week we will do our best to return to normalcy, as our little chickadee friends have returned to the farm.  We had a great week enjoying them, and your kids were amazing!  Everyone shared time playing with the chicks, took turns, had fun…it was very heartwarming to see everyone enjoying the special week.  When I get organized, I will send you all a Dropbox link that has all the photographs I took during the week.

We are finishing up Unit 4, and will tackle the skills in week 5 this week.  You can expect a literacy homework and spelling list to come home this evening.  A big focus of the week will be figurative language.  We’ll practice alliterations, idioms, metaphors, onomatopoeias, similes and imagery over the course of the week (and into next week).

In Math, we’ll switch our focus to various types of graphs.  It’s hard for me to predict what nights we’ll have homework, as I’m squeezing a couple of lessons together due to the snow days.  My Math class will not have homework Monday, and will likely have an assignment on Tuesday.  The rest of the week we’ll play by ear.  By the end of the week we’ll begin reviewing fractions and telling time in preparation for our Unit 4 Math Test next week.

While most of the week will seem normal, our first field trip of the year is upon us!  On Thursday, the kids will get to tour Morrill Hall during the morning, and become paleontologists for a day.  You are more than welcome to join us, but unfortunately there is a $7 fee for any parents that want to attend.  You can click on the “events” tab of the web site, or read the attached note to the weekly email for more details about the trip.

Thanks for reading and for all you do to help your child succeed in school!

Eric Wachter

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