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January 29th, 2018 – Chick Week!

Good Morning Families,

It will be an exciting week in room 702, as our chickadees are due to hatch on Wednesday.  Hopefully all 12 of the little ones hatch!  It’s always the most memorable thing about third grade, and I’m so happy your kids get to have this experience.

We are cruising right through Unit 4 in reading, and will begin week 4 today.  You can expect a spelling list and reading homework to come home this evening.  The essential question of the week is, “How are people able to fly?”  We’ll enjoy several stories and a couple of videos about the history of flight.  Pretty cool stuff!

In Math, we will continue to practice telling time.  The lessons were a little hit and miss last week, so I hesitate to guess what days we’ll have homework this week.  My class will definitely have an assignment tonight.  The rest of the week we’ll play it by ear.

Lastly, your child will also bring home a note regarding our upcoming field trip to Morrill Hall.  The trip will be on February 8th, from 9:00 to 12:00.  The note includes all the details, including that parents are welcome to join us!  But, unfortunately there is a $7 fee per adult, should you choose to accompany us.

Thanks for reading and for all you do to help your child succeed in school!

Eric Wachter


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