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December 11th, 2017 – Feeling Thankful!

Good Morning Families,

This week your kids will wrap up Unit 3 in Wonders Reading (our reading program).  Normally each unit is six weeks long, but the calendar didn’t allow for that this year.  Therefore we combined weeks 3 and 4 last week, and this week will be week 5 in Wonders.  You can expect to see a spelling list and literacy homework come home with your child this evening.

In Math, we’re nearing the end of Unit 3, as well.  This week the kids will practice multi-step story problems, as well as explore larger numbers into the hundred thousands.

Lastly, our class received a new, wall-mounted document projector from LPS.  And, a couple of weeks ago we had a new audio system installed in the classroom, complete with four speakers in the ceiling.  I can’t express how great these additions have been!  Now, I can configure the class seats in a much more effective way, as I don’t have to dance around the annoying cart in the middle of the room!  The audio system has been a blessing, too!  I can truly reach more kids, more effectively during lessons and I barely have to raise my voice to make sure I’m heard.  I feel so thankful that LPS has committed funds to enhance our technology, and I am positive your children will benefit greatly from these new additions!

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

Eric Wachter

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