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October 30th, 2017 – A Spooktacular Week!

Happy Monday Families!

Halloween week week is upon us!  This week is always a fun week for kids…and adults, right?  🙂  As crazy as the kids can get, we do have a big week ahead in third grade.

In Math, we will take our Unit 2 Test on Thursday and Friday.  This will mercifully culminate our study of multiplication and division for the time being.  My Math class will have review homework on Monday and Wednesday, but I will not be “that teacher” and assign homework on Halloween.  🙂  We won’t have homework on the test days, either.

In Literacy, we’re nearing the end of Unit 2, also.  This is week 5 of our unit, which means the kids will have a spelling list coming home tonight.  Next week we’ll tackle our Unit 2 Test in reading.

Speaking of testing, on Friday the kids will take their first standardized test of the year in reading called the Measure of Academic Progress, or “MAP” Test.  This test is not based on concepts your child has been taught in third grade, but rather a  generic, wide range of concepts that all third graders across the country are learning.

I’m excited to see the results of this test, because the exam allows kids to “level up” with the questioning based on their answers.  In other words, if your child is answering a number of questions in a row correctly, the program will adjust and give progressively more difficult questions.  It truly should allow your child to “show what they know.”

Thanks for reading and please remind your child to share his/her extra Halloween candy with their teacher!  Ha!

Eric Wachter

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