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April 24th, 2017 – Winner, winner, chicken…embryos!

Good Morning Families!

Your child probably reported to you that our growing little chicken embryos are doing great!  They were candled last Wednesday, and thankfully all twelve of our little buddies are growing properly.  If all goes well, they will begin to hatch on or around May 3rd.  Keep your fingers crossed they keep developing!

This week is Unit 6, Week 3 of reading.  We’ll have spelling this week, even though it’s only a four day week again.  In Math we’ll wrap up Telling Time with our Unit Test on Thursday.  We’ll spend most of this week practicing elapsed time, which is always tricky to master.  Any extra practice at home regarding elapsed time questions would greatly support what we’re doing in the classroom.

Just a reminder that our field trip to Memorial Stadium is coming up next week on May 3rd.  You may have noticed the typo in the letter I sent home, in regards to volunteering.  Should you choose to volunteer, please let me know by this Friday.  (I think one of the dates listed last Saturday, by accident.)  If you want to review that note again, it’s listed under the “Events” tab of this web site.  Or, I can send another home with your child.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

Eric Wachter

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