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April 10th, 2017 – NeSA Math Week and Embryology Begins

Hello Families!

This week most kids will take the Nebraska State Assessment for Math (NeSA-M) on Tuesday and Thursday.  Like the reading exams, these tests can be very trying and energy draining.  Please see to it your child gets good rest the night before, and a good breakfast in the morning.  I’ll do my best to cheer them on and encourage each student to give his/her best!  If the kids do that, I’ll be content that we did everything in our power to bring out their best!

We’ll begin our Embryology (Baby chicks!) science unit on Wednesday.  This will serve as a nice break to all our testing!  A dozen eggs will be delivered, and the kids will enjoy a short presentation as to how they will become “mother hens” over the next three weeks.  🙂  If all goes well, we’ll have some fluffy little pets to enjoy beginning around May 3rd.

Since most kids are wrapping up testing this week, we will again not have a spelling list or Literacy Homework.  Math homework will be very limited, as well, with all the exams.

Thanks for reading and thanks so much for all you do for your child!

Mr. Wachter

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