LUX Art Academy and 2022 Summer Camp Internships

LUX Center for the Arts is excited to announce that applications will be available online April 1st for the LUX Art Academy. This program is for students with IEPs or 504 accommodation plans, ages 14-21.

This 6-week program will focus on meeting artists, touring the art center, learning about how it operates behind the scenes, and doing hands-on art training. The program is sponsored by Vocational Rehabilitation Nebraska and it is completely free. The aim is to expand students’ knowledge of art techniques and jobs in the creative field, while simultaneously improving their soft skills for employment readiness.

There are also 8 weeks of paid work-based learning available for 6 students who complete the 6-week class. These students will be hands-on in the classroom working alongside our teachers each day during our summer camp programs.

Full details and the application are here: The application deadline is April 8th, 2022

We are also accepting applications for our regular LUX Center for Arts Summer Camp Internships – which are now paid!

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