Tee Drills

Tee Drills:
• Tee work is the most important drill/drills for hitters
• Height of tee should be mid thigh (depending on drill)

1. Middle of field attack
-Line drive drill up the middle off the tee
2. Contact point hitting
-Positioning of the tee working on inside, middle, and outside of the plate
-Adjust the tee on the 3 locations of the pitch
3. High tee drill
-Mainly works on attacking the middle part of the field
-Place tee at the bottom of the hitter’s rib cage
-Works on staying tall and making sure the hitter doesn’t get under the ball
4. Isolation drill
-Start with a wide and comfortable base
-Trying to isolate the top half of the swing (focusing on the hitters upper half)
-Only using upper half (don’t use bottom half) keep back heel on the ground
-The tee should be towards the front leg
-Don’t rotate shoulders. This works on hitting through the baseball and pushing through extension. YOU’RE ONLY MOVING YOUR UPPER HALF
5. Deep tee drill
-This works on letting the ball travel and not hitting it way out front
-Place the tee back by your front hip working on keeping your hands inside the baseball.
6. Slash tee drill
-Place bottom hand four fingers off the knob
-Place the tee out in front of your front leg
-Start like you’re bunting the ball off the tee, then you’re reverse (loading) and as you load you place your hands where they would be when you swing and then take a full swing. Quick with this do not stop its all one motion.
-This works on keeping the bat level through the hitting plane
7. Leg Lift drill
-Lead leg lift 3 times in a row and on the 3rd time you swing
-Works on using your backside through the swing (using back half)
8. Back Knee Drive drill
-Pushing off back leg and actually bringing the knee/leg fully through when hitting
-Works on using your back half/back leg when hitting through the ball
9. Happy Gilmore drill
-Take one step backwards from where you would regularly stand
-Don’t cross your feet when doing this
-Shuffle step towards the tee to where you would have started and swing. You’re keeping your same stance the whole time, nothing changes.
-When you swing through kick your back leg and back knee thru just like you do in the back knee drive drill.