Soft Toss Drills

Soft Toss Drills:
• It is important that the person soft tossing gives good tosses
1. Contact Point hitting
-When working on middle part of the field the person tossing should be out in front of the plate, diagonal to the hitter. Start the ball high and when the person pulls the ball back the hitter begins his load. Toss the ball to the belt buckle
-Working outer half, person who is tossing works on the opposite side of the plate (moves to the left handed batter side when tossing to a right hander)
-Working inside person tossing moves out in front of the middle part of the plate (when doing this with younger guys use wiffle balls).
2. Top & Bottom hand drill
-This drill concentrates on the lower half of your body
-Choke up on the bat where you can control it (or use a smaller bat)
-Put the bat at a 45-degree angle (like you would when throwing a ball) when working top hand.
-Person tossing is diagonal to the hitter
-Bottom hand- drive the front elbow to the ball and do not rotate shoulders. Place your top hand behind your back when doing bottom hand.
3. Donut drill
-Hit with a donut on the bat
-Works on whipping your hands through the zone at contact and works on strength
-Just regular soft toss with the donut on the bat
4. Isolation drill
-Start with a wide base
-Just like the isolation drill on the tee
-Lower half stays still, only the top half is moving (loading) keep the back foot down on the ground when hitting.
5. Iso Quick Toss drill
-Tossing 4 balls quickly
-Everything just like the isolation drill
6. High Toss drill
-Just like high tee drill
-Person tossing is standing up, tossing the ball around chest high
-Hit the ball before it clears the letters on your shirt/jersey
-This helps shorten someone’s swing (fixes a player with a long swing)
7. Quick Toss drill
-Regular hitting stance and swing
-Rapid fire of 4-8 pitches