On-Field Batting Practice

On Field Batting Practice:
1. Bucket drill
-Important drill for hitting hard ground balls (works on 0-2 hitting, hit & run, etc.)
-Place a bucket about 5-8 feet right in front of home plate and he is trying to hit the bucket when he hits the ball live.
2. Opposite Field Hitting
-Aim for the opposite field gap
3. Donut hitting practice (strengths the hands & forearms)
4. Offset drill

-Set the L-Screen up at a 45-degree angle from home plate (opposite side of the hitter) to work on hitting the ball the other way
-Also works on letting the ball travel
5. Pull-side drill
-Same thing as offset drill, but putting the L-screen on the same side of the hitter at a 45-degree angle working on pulling and getting hands extended on inside pitches