Front Toss Drills

Front Toss Drills:
• Tosser behind an L-screen on a knee or sitting on a chair
• Tosser starts with the ball at his chest then pull back so the hitter knows when to load
1. Opposite field hitting
-Aim for the opposite field gap
-L-screen only about 5-10 feet away working on tossing the ball to the outer part of the plate.
2. Pull side drill
-Working on inside part of the plate (inside pitching)
-Hitters should only swing at the balls that are on the inside part of the plate
-Same set up as the opposite field hitting
3. Inside out drill
-Opposite hitting drill with balls that are inside
-Works on staying inside the baseball
-Tossing the ball inside and hitter working on staying inside the ball hitting the ball up the middle or opposite side of the field
4. Step Back drill
-When the ball is tossed the hitter steps back with his back foot and then steps with his front foot and swings regularly through the ball.
-This works on transferring the hitters weight from the backside to the front side thru contact point.
5. Helmet drill
-Works on staying tall
-Place a helmet right next to the hitters back foot
-Regular front toss and hitting, if the back foot hits the helmet the hitter isn’t doing it right and the backside is collapsing.
-The back foot shouldn’t hit the helmet
6. Short Bat drill
-Using a shorter bat (or choke up on the bat quite a bit)
-This works on letting the ball travel
-Just regular front toss hitting with a smaller bat working on letting ball travel
7. Bat Wrap drill
-Place the hands and bat in front of the back shoulder
-Move the barrel front to back before loading and swinging (like Gary Sheffield use to do).
-This works on a hitter not wrapping the bat and rotating his shoulders when loading.
8. One Hand Rhythm drill
-Choke up a little bit and open up your stance a little bit
-Hold the bat back behind your head with barrel pointed down with your lead arm and then reverse load flipping the barrel to the ground.
-When swinging you use both hands (you start with just one hand)