Monthly Archives: February 2022

Weekly Update 2/14-2/25

The last couple of weeks we have been talking about balls. We got to predict and then experiment to see if all balls bounce and if all balls roll. We also were able to weigh different balls and talk about the similarities and differences between heavy and light balls.

During small groups we practiced making letters, retelling stories, and identifying and making shapes.

Our 2nd step curriculum has focused on how to invite a friend to play with you and how we can use fair ways to play in the classroom.


March 14-18 — No School (Spring Break)

Weekly Update 2/7-2/11

This week we concluded our clothing study with a fancy dress day and fashion show! We got to take a walk through the office and through the kindergarten rooms to show off our fancy clothes. We also got to enjoy a fancy lunch 🙂 We started our balls study this week. We have been talking about different types of balls and various things we can do with them.

Our small groups this week included tallying, predicting how many times a ball will bounce, and predicting how many pom poms were in a guessing jar.

Our social emotional curriculum focused on how to manage waiting. We know that waiting is hard work. We talked about different things you can do while you are waiting such as counting or looking for things that are a certain color.


February 18 – 22 — No School

Weekly Update 1/31-2/3

This week we talked about special clothing that people wear to do things. We talked about what people wear to work and what you might wear to play sports. The students loved dressing up in the clothing that we brought in 🙂


Our small groups this week included fishing for letters, digging for letters in sand tubs, and making shapes with popsicle sticks.

Our social emotional curriculum has focused on having big feelings. We have talked a lot about how we can calm our bodies if we are having a big feeling. Ask your child if they can tell you a way that they can calm down!


February 4 — No School (Covid Response Day)

February 7 — Fancy Dress Day — in order to celebrate the end of our clothing study, your child can wear their favorite outfit! We will be doing a fashion show around Kloefkorn and having a “candle light” lunch

February 11 — Valentine’s Day Party

February 18 — No School

February 21 — No School

February 22 — No School (PLC)