Monthly Archives: December 2021

Weekly Update 12/13-12/17

This week we celebrated our first family socialization with gingerbread houses! Thank you for making this such a fun event!

During small groups this week, we explored dot markers with letters and practiced making clothing words with magnet letters.

Our social emotional lesson focused on feeling worried. We talked about how our bodies might feel if we are having a worried feeling and how we can help our bodies feel better.


December 23-Jan 4 — No School (Winter Break)

Weekly Update 12/6-12/10

This week we have been talking about clothes and took some time to design our own t-shirts! We have been examining different sizes of clothing and talking about why we would wear certain clothes for different weather.

Our small groups this week included a memory game, learning about graphs and practicing how to make and read a graph, and learning how to measure using various tools.

During our social emotional lessons we have been talking about being kind to friends in the classroom. We have talked about how to use kind words, include friends, and be grateful when a friend or adult gives you something. Please take some time to talk to your child about how to be kind in the classroom even when an adult is not right there. We always include everyone in preschool and it is never okay to be unkind or use unkind words.


December 13 @ 2:00pm — Family socialization at Kloefkorn — PARK IN TEACHER LOT 

December 14 — No School (PLC)

December 23-Jan 4 — No School (Winter break)