Monthly Archives: October 2021

Weekly Update 10/11-10/14

Here are some pictures from the firetruck visit last week:

This week we continued our discussion about trees and talked about the different parts of trees and how we can use our senses to explore trees. We went on a tree walk around the playground and saw the trunks, roots, branches, leaves, and needles.

During small group this week we used teamwork to put together a floor puzzle, practiced making stick letters, and practiced tracing letters.

Our social emotional curriculum focused on using self-talk. We practiced how to use self-talk while making patterns!


October 15-October 19 — No School

October 26 — No School

Weekly Update 10/4-10/8

This week we began our tree study. We talked about what we already know about trees and got to explore various tree parts. We also went on a walk around Kloefkorn to go on a tree hunt. We found a lot of trees!

During small groups, students experimented with mixing paint to make new colors, practiced one-to-one counting, and practiced determining which is more when looking at groups of cubes.

Our social emotional curriculum focused on how to ask for what you need kindly. We practiced how to tap on a friends shoulder, say their name, and then ask. We also learned about our fire safety rule: Never play with fire.



October 15-19 — No School (Fall Break)

Weekly Update 9/27-10/1

This week we talked all about sounds that we hear at school. We went on a sound walk outside and played sound bingo. The gingerbread man came to visit us again but he ran away! We had to find clues in the nurses office and the library in order to find him.

During small groups this week students read Crazy Pizza Day and made their own crazy pizzas, played with shaving cream, and used letter stamps.

Our social emotional curriculum focused on following directions. We also practiced an evacuation drill and a shelter drill.


October 15-October19 — No School (Fall Break)

October 26 — No School (PLC)