Monthly Archives: September 2021

Weekly Update 9/20-9/24

This week we talked about how to be a good friend at school. We looked at pictures of students in the classroom and talked about what they were playing. Students were able to decide if they liked playing inside or outside better.

During small groups this week we practiced taking turns, predicting how many times a ball would bounce, and made our own Preschooler, Preschooler What Do You See? book! We also spent some time introducing some new centers and play ideas.

Our second step curriculum focused on our ways to stay safe. We learned about two rules: never touch guns and always ask first. Ask your child if they can tell you what our safety rules are!


September 28 — No School (PLC)

Weekly Update 9/13-9/17

This week we learned about who works at Kloefkorn. We saw the cafeteria where Ms Carol cooks our food and we went to see the office. Ms Val and Ms Carin showed us their computers and we talked about how they helped us at school. We also met the Gingerbread Man, who ran away from us! We had to go on a gingerbread hunt to find him. Ask your child where the Gingerbread Man went!

During small groups this week we practiced writing our names and letters, learned how to use geoboards, and matched lids with the right size/shape containers.

Our second step lesson this week was all about fair ways to play. We talked about how we could play together, trade, take turns, and use a timer to solve problems at school.


September 28 — No School (PLC)

Weekly Update 9/7-9/10

This week we talked about our rules at preschool and Kloefkorn. We talked about safe ways to move our bodies in the classroom, safe ways to use our hands, and we practiced using rhythm sticks.

During small groups this week the students cut and glued pictures, practiced balancing, and practiced throwing bean bags into different shaped containers.

Our social emotional curriculum focused on how to listen at school and how to focus your attention. We learned about our atten-to-scopes and how to use them. Ask your child if they can show you their atten-to-scopes!


Sept 13-23 — 1st quarter home visits

September 28 — No school (PLC)

Weekly Update 8/30-9/3

This week we continued talking about rules at preschool. We practiced how to walk in line and how to use our walking feet in the classroom. We also talked about what things might make us feel scared, sad, and happy.

During small groups this week the students used playdoh and playdoh tools, searched for treasure in the sand table, and played a matching game with their name tags and pictures.

Our social emotional curriculum focused on how to appropriately welcome new people into the classroom. We practiced introducing ourselves and what it might look like to show a new friend the classroom.

First Quarter Home Visits 

Our first quarter home visits are scheduled for September 13-Sept 23. You will receive a reminder email at least 24 hours in advance. Please let me know if you need to reschedule our visit.


If you would like to volunteer in the classroom this year, please visit 

More information about signing up to volunteer this year will be coming by the end of the month!


September 7 — No School (Labor Day)