Monthly Archives: May 2021

Weekly Update 5/10-5/14

This week we have continued our conversation about simple machines. We focused on levers this week and talked about how they help us do various jobs. We practiced using levers on Friday (scissors) to cut different shapes! We also went on a simple machine hunt to our big playground and had a chance to play there too 🙂

Our small groups this week were mixing paint, using levers (tongs) to pick up ping pong balls, and we practiced counting with buttons.

Our social emotional lessons focused on learning in Kindergarten. We talked about how to make friends and how to be kind friends in kindergarten.


May 20 — Last day of school

Weekly Update 5/3-5/7

This week we focused on inclined planes. We talked about how they make work easier, how to make them with our bodies, and the students did an amazing job of pointing out inclined planes outside and on our playground. Ask your child if they can show you an inclined plane!


During small groups this week we explored a variety of simple machines from the classroom, practiced making patterns, and found buried treasure (3-D shapes) in the sand.

Our social emotional lessons this week were focused on how to use our skills in kindergarten. We talked about how to use our listening rules, how to focus attention, and use self-talk when a teacher gives a direction.