Monthly Archives: March 2021

Weekly Update 3/22-3/26

This week we began talking about where our trash goes. We drew a map of where it went and went to see where our trash goes at school. We also talked about things that can be recycled and things that cannot be recycled.

In small groups this week we practiced making letters, making patterns, and got to go bowling!

Our social emotional lessons focused on identifying and solving a problem. When you’re reading a story to your child, see if they can identify the problem or the solution!


March 30 — No School

April 2 – 5 — No School

April 13 — Alternate PLC schedule 8:00-11:30am

Weekly Update 3/15-3/19

For our first week back from break, we talked about rules at preschool and how to be a good friend. We practiced problem solving skills and reminded our brains about the rules in the classroom and the building. The students also got to go on a gingerbread man hunt, ask them where he was hiding!

In small groups this week we made playdoh, played a matching game, and played a movement game. We focused on following rules, routines, and taking turns.

Our social emotional lessons this week were about how to make friends at school. We talked about how to invite friends to play, kind ways to talk to friends, and how to use our solution kit to solve problems.


March 30 — No School (PLC)

Weekly Update 3/1-3/5

This week we talked about trash! We talked about where we might find it, what types of trash we might see, things we could do with trash, and how we could reuse it. The students came up with some very creative ways to reuse junk.

During small group, we made junk art, practiced answering questions, and took a walk around the school to graph the different kinds of trash/recycling receptacles.

Our second step curriculum reviewed safe and unsafe touches and the touching rule. The students practiced how to say “No” in a strong voice and we talked about what to do if someone breaks the touching rule.


March 8-12 — No School (Spring break)

March 16 — Adjusted PLC schedule — PM students in session 8:00-11:30am