Monthly Archives: February 2021

Weekly Update 2/22-2/26

This week we finished our tubes and tunnels study. We had a special guest who talked to use about the trumpet, an instrument that is a tube. To celebrate, we made instruments from tubes and talked about our favorite parts of our tube study. Today, we started our new study: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Our small groups this week allowed students an opportunity to practice taking turns and following directions by playing board games, use shaving cream and blocks to build structures, and decorate a mitten after listening to a story.

Our second step lesson focused on fair ways to play. Students practiced how to play together with friends, how to trade toys, and we thought of other ways to solve problems that might arise in the classroom.


March 8-12 — No School (Spring Break)

March 16 — PM Preschool from 8:00-11:30am (Extra PLC day)

March 30 — No School (PLC Day)

Weekly Update 2/17-2/19

This week we began talking about how you can make music with tubes. We experimented with different types of tubes and tried various ways to make sounds. We also got to explore new instruments and learn how to play them.

In small groups this week, students practiced rhyming,  recall skills using a memory game, and sorting. You can practice sorting at home with things around your house! You could decide on different categories such as: items that belong in the kitchen/bathroom, items that are theirs/siblings/shared, items of certain colors, etc.

Our social emotional curriculum focused on how to invite others to play. We talked about kind ways to invite friends to play and how friends might feel if you invite them to play with you.


February 23 — No School (PLC)

March 8-12 — No School (Spring Break)

March 16 — Extra PLC Day — PM session runs from 8:00-11:30am

Weekly Update 2/8-2/12

This week we talked about who works with tubes and tunnels. The students drew a picture of what they would do if they worked with tubes and tunnels. The students also worked together with a small group to tape tubes and make marble tracks.

During small group we practiced patterns and weaving, identifying letters, and revealed surprise messages with water color.

Our social emotional lesson focused on fair ways to play at school. We talked about how students can share ideas and take turns appropriately.


February 15 — No School (Plan day)

February 23 — No School (PLC day)

Weekly Update 2/1-2/5

This we talked about tubes that we have in our bodies (veins, arteries, esophagus, etc). Mr Bassett visited us via zoom to talk about the different things that go through tubes and how the tubes in our bodies help us stay strong and grow.

During small groups, we used tubes to make bird feeders, practiced making patterns with beads, and went on a color hunt in the classroom.

Our social emotional focus was how to manage waiting. We learned about different strategies such as taking a deep breath or counting different things around you. We practiced counting friends and looking around the room for numbers.

Home Visits

Our 3rd quarter home visits are scheduled for Feb 8-26. Please let me know if you need a reminder for the day/time you signed up for or if you need to reschedule.


February 9 — No School (Extra PLC)

February 15 — No School (Plan day)

February 23 — No School (PLC)