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Weekly update 10/26-10/30

This week we wrapped up our signs study. We talked about our favorite parts of the study and discussed what we learned about signs. Next week we will start our buildings study!

In small groups this week we practiced graphing, making rhymes, and making shapes. You can practice rhyming with your child by singing familiar nursery rhymes and pointing out rhyming pairs, reading books with rhyming words, and making up silly words to rhyme with their names or the names of family members.

Our social emotional curriculum focused on identifying the emotions scared and surprised. We talked about times that we might have felt that way. We also talked about safe and unsafe substances for our bodies. We discussed who can give you medicine and what to do if someone unsafe tries to give you something.

Second Quarter Home Visits

Our second round of home visits will occur November 9-20. Please let me know if you don’t remember the time you signed up for or if you need to reschedule your visit.


November 2 — No School (Plan day)

November 3 — No School (Election day)


Weekly Update 10/19-10/23

This week we talked all about how signs help us. We got to make our own animal crossing signs and hang them up in the classroom and we practiced using detour signs. On Tuesday, we had a special guest! Ms Shellie zoomed with us and taught us all about how to keep our teeth clean. Ask your child what they can tell you about keeping their teeth clean!

In small groups this week we made numbers with playdoh, made letters with tape, and predicted how far we could blow various items using straws. Playdoh and tape are fun and easy ways to increase fine motor (finger) strength. Fine motor muscles are so important to develop during preschool as they support writing skills.

Our social and emotional curriculum focused on identifying emotions. We talked about the emotions happy and sad this week. We talked about things that make us feel happy or sad and what our faces look like when we feel that way.

Playground Photo Shoot!



October 27 — No school (PLC)

November 2 — No school (Plan day)

November 3 — No school (Election day)

Weekly Update 10/5-10/9

This week we finished our discussion about the characteristics of signs and began talking about where signs are found. We talked about advertisements and displays that they might see at a store. During choice time one day, we decorated a banner that will be displayed in the hallway. Our banner says “We have grit and we won’t quit!”

One small group this week introduced the concept of tallying. Each student got their own tally sheet and practiced how to tally signs that we found around the room. The other small groups were making letters with popsicle sticks and sign bingo.

We learned some very important safety rules this week. The first one is the Always Ask First rule. This rule tells us that we should always ask an adult first before trying something or going somewhere. The second rule we learned is our gun safety rule which says that we never touch guns. Take some time to talk to your child about the importance of these safety rules and how they apply at home.


October 15-16 — No School (Plan day & Fall Break)

October 27 — No School (PLC)

Weekly Update 9/28-10/2

This week we talked about what we know about signs, what we want to know about signs, and began our discussion about the characteristics of signs. We spent some time comparing various signs and talking about things that were the same about them and things that were different.

In small groups students spent time practicing how to predict and count, identifying small groups of items, and writing numerals to 10. We have some fun rhymes/sayings that we use when we write numbers. For example to write the number three we say, “Around and tree, around a tree, that’s the way we make a 3!” Ask your child if they can remember how to write any numbers.

Our social emotional curriculum focused on how to ask for help. This is a very important skill for students to practice daily. We talked about who you could ask for help at home or at school and kind ways that you could ask someone to help.


October 15 & 16 — No School

October 27 — No School