Monthly Archives: September 2020

Weekly Update 9/21-9/25

This week we concluded our Beginning of the Year Study and began our Signs Study! We spent some time looking at signs and talking about what we noticed about them, what we thought they might mean, and looking around outside to see if we could see any signs.

During small groups this week, students went fishing for letters, made letters in shaving cream, and made letters with playdoh. This week was all about letter identification! These are just a few ways that you can practice letter identification at home.

Our second step lessons focused on listening and following directions. We talked about who you could ask if you forget what to do. We also talked about our solution kit. The solution kit includes pictures of various ways that students can solve social problems in the classroom. Some ideas are to get a timer, trade toys, ask nicely, or play together.

Parent Teacher Conferences

The Early Childhood Department decided that preschool will not participate in parent teacher conferences this year. This information will be shared during a home visit instead. If you receive an email requesting that you sign up for conferences, please ignore it.


September 29 — No School (PLC)

Weekly Update 9/14-9/18

This week we finished our conversations about who works at Kloefkorn and began to talk about how to make and keep friends at school. We wrapped up our talk about who works at Kloefkorn with a Gingerbread Man hunt! The students had such a fun time finding clues and searching for our Gingerbread Man.

Our small groups this week allowed students an opportunity to make their own book, predict how many times they thought balls would bounce, and practice answering wh- open ended questions. This is a very important skill that we practice each day in preshcool. You can practice at home by asking wh- questions that don’t have a right answer and allowing your child ample time to answer without interruption. For example, “If you were the Gingerbread man, where would you hide? Why?” “Why do you think _____ happened?” etc.

Our social emotional curriculum focused on how to use self-talk to help remember multiple step directions. You can practice this at home by giving simple multi-step directions such as stand up, turn around, sit down or jump, clap, sit down.


September 29 — No School (PLC)

Weekly Update 9/8-9/11

This week we talked about when things happen at school. We spent a lot of time focusing on our visual schedule and talking about what we had already done and what came next in our day. We also began talking about who works at our school.

Our social emotional curriculum taught us fair ways to play. We learned that we can play together, trade, or take turns. We practice using our fair ways to play every day!

Our small groups included making shiny paint, learning how to use geoboards, and practicing how to write letters. We provided each child with their own letter book that will be kept at school. It helps students to start at the top of each letter when making them and is great letter identification practice!


September 14 – September 25 — First Quarter Home Visits via Zoom

September 16 — Picture Day

September 29 — No School (PLC)

Weekly Update 8/31-9/4

This week we talked about rules at school and when things happen at school. We learned about our three big rules at Kloefkorn: Be safe, Be respectful, and Be responsible. We also spent some time using our atten-to-scopes to focus on our schedule at school to see what things come next in our day.

On Thursday, we had some special guests. Miss Kelsey¬† and Mr Eric zoomed into our classroom and taught the students some dance moves! Miss Kelsey and Mr Eric are professional dancers at Lego Land in Florida. Miss Kelsey is Mrs Bassett’s daughter!


In small groups this week, students practiced how to find the letters in their name and write their name, they went on a color hunt in the classroom, and they practiced different ways to move their bodies outside.

Our social emotional curriculum introduced our Atten-to-scopes and taught the preschoolers how to focus their attention on things. Ask your child to show you their atten-to-scopes!


September 7 — No school (Labor Day)

September 14-24 — First Quarter Home Visits via Zoom