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Weekly Update 8/24-8/28

This week we continued talking about our friends and teachers names and began talking about our feelings. We talked about what things make us happy, scared, or sad and talked about what you can do if you have big feelings while you’re at school.


Our small groups this week included matching names and pictures of friends, exploring playdoh tools, and going on a scavenger hunt to find certain things in the classroom.


This week our social emotional lesson focused on listening skills. We played listening games such as Ms Christa says and used our listening song actions. Ask your child if they can sing our listening song for you. It goes like this:

Eyes are watching (point to eyes)

Ears are listening (point to ears)

Voices quiet (finger in front of lips)

Bodies calm (hug body)

This is how we listen, this is how we listen.

At group time, at group time.


September 7 — No School (PLC)

September 14-25 — First Quarter Home Visits


First Week of School!

We made it! Our first week of preschool was a blast. We had so much fun welcoming students back to the classroom and getting to know everyone. We spent the week learning our friends and teachers names, how to wait your turn, how to walk in line, and how to be in preschool.

Our social emotional lessons included some safety rules about car seats and holding an adults hand while crossing the street. Ask your child if they can tell you our safety rules! We also reviewed our new rule about wearing masks in the classroom. We reminded our students that our masks must be worn over our mouths and noses at all times. Take some time to practice this at home! You can set a timer or complete a short activity while your child is wearing their mask.

Our small groups this week taught students about different areas of our classroom. We learned about the block area, house area, table toy area, art area, book area, sensory table, and science area. After we learned about the areas, students were able to play in those areas during choice time.


August 25 — No School (PLC)