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Weekly Update 8/26-8/30

This week in preschool we talked about rules. We talked about what rules are, what rules we have in our classroom, and what rules we have in different parts of the building. We even came up with some new rules that we put in place for our room!

During small groups this week students worked hard to identify and write the letters in their name, match their symbol and their friends symbols to their names, and played color hunt bingo. Letter recognition is something that we work on all year in preschool and something easy you can work on at home. Start by pointing out letters you see around your house and help your child identify what letter it is. Once your child can identify the letters, you can support them in learning the various sounds that letters make!

Our social emotional curriculum taught students how to appropriately welcome new students to a classroom. We talked about how they felt on their very first day of preschool and how we can help other students to feel comfortable in our classroom. We also talked about our listening rules and practiced them throughout each day.


Packets were sent home last week and I am excited to see how much money preschool can raise! Students who are able to complete certain tasks are awarded with prizes at school 🙂


September 2 — No School (Labor Day)

September 18 — Picture Day

September 23 — Walk-a-Thon

September 24 — No School (PLC)

Weekly Update 8/19-8/23

We had a fun filled first full week of preschool! The students continued to learn their friends and teachers names and explore new areas of the classroom and building. We talked about the name of our building and went on a walking tour to see the different places that we will go this year (gym, library, health office, main office).

In small groups this week we introduced the sensory table, water colors, musical instruments, white boards, additional dramatic play materials, and we drew family portraits. Our social emotional curriculum focused on safety rules. We learned about how to safely cross the street, ride in a car, play in water, and ride a bike. Ask your child if they can tell you what the safety rules are!


Please look in your Friday Folder for information and your donation packet for our Walk-a-Thon! 


August 27 — No School (PLC)

September 2 — No School (Labor Day)


First Days of School!

We had a GREAT first couple days of preschool! The students learned about the areas of the classroom and the various rules that we have. We also spent a lot of time learning each others names and the names of the teachers in our room.

During our Second Step time, we learned about safety rules pertaining to riding in a car and riding on the bus. During small group, the students spent time in the toy area, house area, and block area learning about the rules and how to play safety and appropriately with the toys.


Please do not send toys, food, or any extra “things” from home in your child’s backpack. They can become very distracting and might get lost or damaged in the classroom. Additionally, we must be mindful of allergies and do everything we can to keep each child safe.