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Below are some kind things people have said about me over the years. I think it would be a good exercise for everyone to keep a page like this to reflect upon now and again.

“He helped us with exactly what we needed to know and made it fun as well. He is a very good teacher!”
– Sharla

“You are an angel!!!  … You have literally saved me DAYS of work.  I really appreciate your help!”
– Carrie

… “are you the “Chris” who created the Digital Content Resources link?  If so, I LOVE IT!  Thank you for taking the time to create this awesome and simple way for staff and students to navigate through these electronic resources!”
– Jodi

“Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your “Surveys, Google Style” article (pdf) in the NETA News…. Great step-by-step instructions!  Excellent resource!  Thanks for sharing….”
– Lisa

“This session was extremely helpful and entertaining. I appreciated the practical suggestions given and the resource page that wrapped up the session was helpful!”
– Amanda

“This was one of the best flex classes that I have been to. It was paced appropriately and totally fits what I want to do in my classroom to be a better teacher. I thought Chris did a fantastic job. The fastest 1 hr 45 min class in my 17 years of teaching. Thanks for time well spent.”
– Jayson

“This was scheduled as a two hour session. Teachers stayed an extra 15 minutes asking questions. I heard a teacher saying this was the best tech class she had ever attended and that she had learned so much. I am fairly tech savvy, but I learned a lot of “tips and tricks.” Chris has a very friendly way of presenting that makes everyone comfortable, regardless of their level of expertise. I always enjoy classes that Chris instructs.”

This is the second or third training session that I have been in with you being the trainer. I enjoy your trainings very much. I appreciate your sense of humor and the respect and validation that you give to each person. You are able to help each one of us where we are at on the learning curve, with out making those of us who are further down on the curve, feel stupid or inferior. I will look forward to future opportunities that I might have to attend training sessions with you.

A class with Chris is never dull! Great at answering impromptu questions!

“Chris was such a user-friendly presenter – it was a joy!”
– MaryBeth

“Thanks so much for your patience in training us to use Contribute. We greatly appreciate your knowledge and guidance… and humor!
– LPS Media Specialists

“Thank you so much for presenting at the 21st Century Learning Fair. You did a wonderful job as usual. We appreciate your expertise!”
– Linda, ESU #3

“Chris did a marvelous job teaching and putting up with us!”
– Susan

Chris does a fabulous job of mixing humor and instruction. He gives people the encouragement to do things differently but also respects that everyone works differently as well.

“Thank you for helping with our mentor workshop yesterday. The mentors raved wildly about the usefulness of the sessions, and I’m glad you were there to present your Internet Hot Spots. The sites you selected are ones that ought to be common knowledge–but they aren’t yet. I know our mentored students will appreciate your efforts.”
– Joan

…”you have been the instructor of many of the computer classes I’ve taken over the last two years… anyway, two years ago I made it a personal goal to familiarize myself with the computer… thanks to you and others I now have a website that I’m so proud of!!! I also was fortunate enough to get one of the laptops which I put to use everyday. … with the daily notes (personalized with the merge… )that I send home to my students’ parents and the weekly photos (courtesy of iphoto) anyway, my first graders are coming back… but I’ve been meaning to tell you all thanks!”
– Risa

“I wanted to let you know that your name came up at our Substitute Caucus meeting last night.  One of the subs mentioned how much they enjoyed the class you taught (Web Resources) at our March Sub Teacher Conference and numerous other subs spoke up in agreement.  They mentioned that they enjoyed the way you taught the class and that you explained things very well. Just thought you might like to know that 🙂 !”
– Darbi

“You are so patient with everyone and their individual needs… We greatly appreciate all of your help/knowledge/wisdom/guidance.”
– Mary

“We had 24 people there and besides the side chatting that a few did, everyone was pleased and felt they learned a lot. Everyone I have talked to thought Chris was excellent and that they want him to teach them the rest of Docushare!!  Most of them were excited to go back and start using it today!”
– Angie