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Teachers LOVE timers. Egg timers, electronic cooking timers, stopwatches, they are the tools that help keep the classroom focused, orderly, and avoid seeing everyone spiraling out of control, upsetting the balance of life in our ecosystem, disrupting the space-time continuum, or worse – not getting all of the units covered in our basal series!

Seriously though, here is a great list of computer based timers that might be useful for your on-screen needs. If you have a projector in your room it is even better, because the students can see the time ticking down and prepare themselves to move on to the next activity.

Macintosh Software

  • The best software timer I know of is called ApiMac Timer, and is already installed on every Teacher laptop in LPS. YAY! Look in your Applications folder!
  • Mac OS X Widget: 3-2-1

Windows Software

Web Based Timers

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