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Self Anointed Writers

Earlier this week I read an essay by Garrison Keillor about the melancholy feeling he has that this is “The End of an Era in Publishing.” I continue to return to it in my mind, a lovely piece that captures both the best of what today offers our youth and a lamenting for what may be forsaken as we go forward.

At the same time a colleague has returned from a visit to a far off place, bringing with him ideas and passion that may translate to a powerful combination of  the personal “hand on the shoulder” mentoring or writing with the satisfaction of instant publishing to larger audiences.

The challenge of this era is to preserve what is worth preserving, while dis-enthralling ourselves with that which holds us back in Education. This is an example of that delicate process.

Self Anointed Writers

ORIGINAL TEXT:The End of an Era in Publishing‘ By GARRISON KEILLOR, The New York Times, May 26, 2010

ORIGINAL PHOTO: Writing in style: iPad, Bluetooth keyboard, and kaluha‘ by gundampilotspaz, via Flickr – CC Share+Remix License

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