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5 Facts about Color Blindness

As a person whose vision suffers from various color deficiencies, I follow a few websites that focus on the topic. Today one of them posted a list of 50 facts about color-blindness that was very interesting to me, but i can’t imagine most people would care to read.

However, I did want to share a few of these facts about “color-blindness” that I am guessing most folks don’t know, based upon the discussions I have been involved in over the years. All are taken from this list of 50 facts:

LINK: 50 Facts about Color Blindness.

  1. 99% of all colorblind people are not really color blind but color deficient; the term color blindness is misleading. Color vision deficiency would be a much better term; but it is not as easy to pronounce compared to color blindness.
  2. “What color is this?” is the most annoying question you can ask your colorblind friend.
  3. About 8% of all men are suffering from color blindness.
  4. Dogs are not colorblind.
  5. Colorblind people feel handicapped in everyday life, and almost nobody recognizes this.

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