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Thank You Kevin

I’d like to publically thank a digital “good samaritan” named Kevin. Earlier today he noticed something online that he felt we at LPS should know about. It was no big deal and I corrected it in 10 seconds or less, no harm – no foul. However, it had the potential to be embarrasing, and I am thankful that he pointed it out.

Anyone could have noticed our simple mistake and carried on about their business, but Kevin (I’m asuming here) looked to see who the owner of the object was, looked at my Google profile, and called our district switchboard asking for me. He then left a polite and thoughtful message pointing out our mistake.

In doing so he left no phone number, no email address, no way to get back to him and say thank you. It started me to thinking…

I like to believe that there are Kevins all over the place. I’d love to think that for every creep on the nightly news, there are 100 people who would never conceive of doing whatever they had done to earn their place in the newscast. Unfortunately, doing the “right thing” rarely gets any publicity. Had Kevin made a different choice and and embarrassed the school district in a public way our local media would likely have jumped at the chance to tell the story.  But he didn’t.

Thanks Kevin. We appreciate the tip! It’s taken care of.

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