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NSBA on Social Networking

“These findings indicate that educators find value in social networking,” the study notes, “and suggest that many already are comfortable and knowledgeable enough to use social networking for educational purposes with their students.”

WOW. I’m shocked and amazed. This report from the National School Boards Association says what I have been believing in my gut all along, but have never seen any statistics to back it up. I plan to read this report word for word as soon as possible.

Maybe the internet is not as toxic and predatory as the media wants us to believe? Imagine that!

The report itself [pdf]

A review by David Warlick

Recommendations from the NSBA report:

  1. School Board members should explore social networking sites.
  2. Consider using social networking for staff communications and professional development.
  3. Find ways to harness the educational value of social networking.
  4. Ensure equitable access.
  5. Pay attention to the nonconformists.
  6. Reexamine social networking policies.
  7. Encourage social networking companies to increase educational value.

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