Lefler Middle

Welcome to the Lefler Community Learning Center, a partnership between Lefler Middle School and the Lincoln YMCA.  At the Lefler CLC, we focus on 3 categories:
1.  Student Learning and Development
2.  Family Engagement
3.  Community Engagement

With Student Learning and Development, we offer after school clubs that are academic and enrichment based.  We focus on giving students opportunities that they might not get during the school day or at home.  In most of our clubs, we make career connections or focus on project based learning.
Some of our club options may include:  Math Homework Zone, General Homework Zone, Chess Club, CSI Club, Lefler Kitchens, Live Healthy and Live Strong,  Cha-Ching, Rockin’ in the USA, Poetry and More, Beneath the Bark, Oh Snap!, Theatre Club, Art Clubs, Sport Clubs, Surge Training, Educational Talent Search, Roads Rails & Race Cars, and many many more!

Family Engagement is a priority at the Lefler Community Learning Center.  We have parent engagement teams that help us in a variety of ways, especially with the planning and implementation of our family nights.  Our parent engagement teams include:
1.   Leadership Team
2.   Event Team
3.   Food/Snack Team
Each year have a parent only event and 2 curriculum family nights (one in the fall semester and one in the spring semester).  For information about the parent and family events, stays tuned to school announcements and school messenger.

Community Engagement and partnerships are what make community learning centers so diverse and effective.  We partner with several community agencies and businesses to enrich our programs and activities.  Organizations like Girl Scouts, Educational Talent Search, UNL, and the YWCA partner with us for Club Opportunities in the after school program.  We also work with a variety of other community partners to enhance school and CLC activities, and family engagement activities.

If you have questions or are interested in finding out more information about
1.  After-school clubs and Student Engagement opportunities
2.  Learning more about our Parent Engagement Teams and how to become a part of them
3.  Becoming a Community Partner

Please Contact our Lefler CLC School Community Coordinator
Emmary Lunberry

1100 S 48th St [map]
Lincoln, Nebraska 68510
Phone: (402) 436-1215
Fax: (402) 458-3215