Brownell Elementary

Brownell Elementary in Northeast Lincoln is proud to be a community school!  Through our partnership with our lead agency, The Northeast Family Community Center, and the guidance of our PIRC (Parent Information and Resource Committee) Plus advisory committee, we offer a range of services and support to the students, families and neighbors of our school and the University Place neighborhood.  Our daily morning and afternoon core programs provide essential support to working families by extending the school day and ensuring that youth are engaged in a purposeful and educational way outside of normal classroom hours.  Our quarterly club offerings allow non-core students to obtain vital academic support, explore hobbies and build meaningful relationships.  Family programming gives our students and parents opportunities to learn new skills or just kick back and enjoy a great time!  Additional support opportunities, from open library nights, fitness opportunities, and food and clothing give-aways help make our school neighborhood community a desirable place to live and Brownell Elementary the place to be!

Want to learn more about Brownell CLC or find out how you can be a part of our dynamic school community?

Brownell CLC School Community Coordinator / Lead Teacher
Sheri Quirie  (402) 436-1127
Northeast Family Center (402) 471-3700

6000 Aylesworth Ave [map]
Lincoln, Nebraska 68505
Phone: (402) 436-1127
Fax: (402) 458-3227