Belmont Elementary

Welcome to the Lincoln Community Learning Center at Belmont Elementary School. As the School Community Coordinator for this CLC site, I can help you be aware of the services available in our community. At Belmont Elementary, children and families can access quality out-of-school programs, clubs, family night activities, and adult learning and leadership opportunities.

If you reside in or near the Belmont School area and are interested in accessing or utilizing a service or program available in Lincoln, please call or e-mail me. If you are a parent or guardian who would like to enroll your child in a CLC before or after school program, please call Belmont Recreation Center. The Belmont CLC operates as a partnership between Belmont Elementary School and Lincoln Parks & Recreation.  As partners, we work together along with community representatives and parents to provide high quality programs and services, as well as, neighborhood outreach via the CLC Neighborhood Organization.

The Belmont CLC provides structured care for your child before and after school. The Belmont Recreation Center provides a before-school program that serves children starting as early as 6:30 AM. Our before and after school programs are facilitated with enriching curriculum and pre-planned lessons to ensure that the children enrolled are engaged in an educational, yet active and exciting approach to learning.

In order to make possible and uphold the growing academic needs of children, we offer a “club” time from 3:00pm-4:00pm every day after school (except for Tuesdays). Certified LPS teachers, community representatives, volunteers, and CLC staff lead these clubs with content ranging from core subjects such as math, reading, science, and health to robotics, fitness, art, and leadership. Additionally, we partner with the YWCA, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H, UNL, and AmeriCorps to provide additional opportunities for our youth. These club opportunities are delivered on a quarterly basis with registrations being distributed via student Friday folders. We work hard to provide club opportunities to peak every student’s interest and are always open to new ideas. Furthermore, if parents or guardians would like to be more active in their students’ extended learning opportunities after school, please don’t hesitate to inquire about what opportunities are available.

Another program available on Thursdays is our Banking Program provided by Liberty First. Students between the grades of 2nd-5th are able to sign up for a savings account through the CLC. Every Thursday, students can bring at least $1 to deposit in their account and there are incentives in varying increments that they can receive as they reach their goals. The idea is to teach students the importance of savings and goal setting. Students are able to receive their savings upon graduation from 5th grade or if they move. Please contact me for more information.

Lincoln Community Learning Centers are a vital link between citizens and community services, and as a site supervisor I will ensure that the array of programs available is delivered to the people who need them.

Laura Virgl
Belmont CLC School Community Coordinator
Lincoln Parks & Recreation
(402) 441-6789
Cell: (402) 560-0915



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