Using video on your wordpress site

Uploading video into your wordpress site can seem trickier than it should be. One of the biggest reasons for this is that the audio or video format that you saved to is incompatible with the flash video player in WordPress. This video demonstrates how to re-encode your videos easily to a format that will work and then upload them for use in your wordpress site.

Podcasting with WordPress

I have added a new plugin to WordPress called “Podcasting”. This makes it relatively easy to add multimedia file enclosures to your blog postings to make a podcast. You can read more about the plugin and podcasting with WordPress in general here:

Some quick things to keep in mind when podcasting.

  1. Use formats friendly to portable devices. MP3 is best for audio while AAC is become more supported.
  2. Compress your files to a size that is downloadable. 100 MB+ might not seem like much on the local network, but could really be painful to somebody getting it from home.
  3. Don’t add more than one enclosure to a single posting. iTunes and other aggregators will simply ignore all but the first one.

Looking to try it yourself. I demonstrate it here: