Adding Users to Your Site

Want to get some help with your site or have plans to work on another site as a group, WordPress makes it easy to invite others in. Simply visit the “Users” section in the admin menu and choose “Add User” to pop in any LPS username. You can manage your users by clicking on “Authors & Users”. Not sure of somebody’s username? Look them up in the staff directory. Wondering what permission to grant? Here’s a breakdown of the options.

Placing Tables into WordPress Posts and Pages

I get asked a lot about placing tables into WordPress. I’m obligated to first say that tables are intended for tabular data that you wish to display in your site such as a directory or anything that would feel at home in a spreadsheet. Tables are not intended to be used as a layout tool and can cause a lot of problems for folks that are using assistive devices such as screen readers to consume your information. I would strongly encourage that if you are simply looking for a way to put some text and images on your page that you stick to simple paragraphs in tandem with left or right aligned images.

That being said, here is a two part video detailing the use of tables in WordPress at LPS

Pasting from Word? Please view this…

It’s come to my attention that if you paste from Microsoft Word directly into WordPress WITHOUT using the “Paste from Word” button in WordPress, that Internet Explorer users on Windows are unable to view your content. The simple solution is to always use “Paste from Word” when you are pasting in your text.

Need more explanation or a demonstration? Here ya go:

Personalizing the LPS Staff Theme

Many have asked and now it’s here. Make a few settings changes, upload a new banner (if you are adventurous) and you can have a site that is uniquely yours. The following 20 minute video walks you through the full process.

Podcasting with WordPress

I have added a new plugin to WordPress called “Podcasting”. This makes it relatively easy to add multimedia file enclosures to your blog postings to make a podcast. You can read more about the plugin and podcasting with WordPress in general here:

Some quick things to keep in mind when podcasting.

  1. Use formats friendly to portable devices. MP3 is best for audio while AAC is become more supported.
  2. Compress your files to a size that is downloadable. 100 MB+ might not seem like much on the local network, but could really be painful to somebody getting it from home.
  3. Don’t add more than one enclosure to a single posting. iTunes and other aggregators will simply ignore all but the first one.

Looking to try it yourself. I demonstrate it here: