WordPress Upgrade… What’s New?

This past weekend, WordPress at LPS was upgraded to the latest version: So what’s new? Here are the biggest changes you will see:

  • When you upload a photo you will have a button to “edit photo.” This new feature will give you the opportunity to crop, rotate, flip and scale your photo. Note, these changes are not destructive, meaning that you can always get your original picture back. It also means that you won’t reclaim any disk space by cropping and sizing your pictures down.
  • Removing pages and posts is now more like removing items from your computer. Every item has a “trash” link that will send the item to the trash can. This means that you can quickly delete things without bothersome “are you sure?” messages and then empty your trash at your convenience (or recover from the trash if you make a mistake).
  • Easy video/picture embeds. Looking to drop in a video from a video sharing site? Now you can simply include the address to the video page on a line by itself and WordPress will figure out the rest. This will NOT work for LPS solutions such as Docushare (for which you will continue to use the ProPlayer button) but does work for the following sites among others: YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, blip.tv, Flickr (both videos and images), Viddler, Hulu…

Using this last point, here is an embedded video with some more details about WordPress 2.9


Upgrades!! 2.7.1 and more

Hey LPS WordPressers! WP at LPS received some much needed updates this morning. While generally you won’t see much that is new, there are a few things that you may be interested in:

  1. The “Admin Bar” (the menu bar that appears across the top of the web page when you are logged in) is gone. This is now optional for all users. You can still get to everything on the left side of your dashboard. Otherwise, you can re-enable it by going to Plugins and activating “WordPress Admin Bar”.
  2. Comments on pages now work!! Yay! For those of you that have been waiting for this a long time, thank you for your patience.
  3. If you have multiple sites that you take care of, you will no longer find these where they used to be. You will want to look under the word Dashboard at the top of the left sidebar for “My Blogs”. Clicking on that will give you a list of your sites. An awesome new feature here? You can now pick your default site if your personal site is not that site that you edit most.
  4. There are two new buttons in the post/page edit panel. You will find them in the second-to-last and third-to-last positions in the toolbar and they allow you to easily link highlighted text to a page on your site and link highlighted text to a post on your site respectively. Note: Some are seeing this, many are not. I’m looking in to what’s up.
  5. The staff theme has been changed a little to accommodate the upgrades and freshen things a little bit.

Finally, and I’ll post more about this in a couple days, we have a new blog on the site called Global Posts. The site pulls in everything that is posted on the LPS WordPress site (“Posts”, not “Pages”) and makes it searchable. Not only this, but it creates a “Tag Cloud” where a visitor can easily see what folks are posting about. If you are using your site as a blog and not tagging this is a great time to start. Sample tags are “math”, “assignments”, “lincoln”, “nebraska”, “NETA”, “President”, “Government”, “LPS” and anything else that describes what you are posting. They are even more effective if you and your colleagues use the same tags. Try it out!

Have questions or comments? Leave them below.