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Solo & Ensemble Contest 2015

Congratulations to all those who auditioned for a place to perform at Solo & Ensemble Contest to take place on February 21st, 2015. Please find below listed our selected solos & ensembles, along with alternates for contest (in the event that a soloist or group drops in the near future).

9th Grade Triple Trio Triple Trio
Blue Shades Vocal Ensemble
Frankforter, Abbey Vocal Solo
Hanneman, Garrett Vocal Solo
Hermanson, Carianne & O’Neill, Emily Vocal Duet
Hubbell, Corbin Vocal Solo
Jha, Michael Vocal Solo
Kibbie, Vanessa Vocal Solo
Knott, Hannah Vocal Solo
Lindgren, Makenna Vocal Solo
McNear, Shayla Vocal Solo
Men’s Octet Men’s Octet
Mueller, Madison & Weber, Rachel Vocal Duet
Nearman, Myrissa Vocal Solo
Quiring, Lara Vocal Solo
Rector, Madalyne Vocal Solo
Schleich, Lauren Vocal Solo
Self, Camryn & Frederick, Mckenna Vocal Duet
Senior Women’s Trio Trio
Williams, Reilly Vocal Solo
Zeng, Alicia Vocal Solo
Holloway, Lizzie; Lulow, Shelby; Schulte, Hunter Trio
Norval, Sheah Vocal Solo
Conradt, Rachel Vocal Solo
Anderson, Ashley R. Vocal Solo

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