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2014 Nebraska All-State Choir

A HUGE Congratulations are in order to the FIFTEEN East Choir Members who were selected for the 2014 Nebraska All-State Chorus:

Aubrey Franke (Junior), Soprano 1
Shayla McNear (Junior), Soprano 1
Meghan Woodworth (Senior), Soprano 1
Megan Dworsky (Senior), Soprano 2
Vanessa Kibbie (Senior), Soprano 2
Hannah Knott (Senior), Alto 1
Shelby Plock (Junior), Alto 1
Sydney Reiners (Junior), Alto 1
Emma Ebito (Senior), Alto 2
Garrett Hanneman (Junior), Tenor 1
Tim Montague (Junior), Tenor 1
Michael Jha (Senior), Bass 1
Ryan Bates (Senior), Bass 2
Taylor Graham (Senior), Bass 2
David Shafer (Sophomore), Bass 2

THREE Additional East Vocal Music Students were selected as alternates, in the event another selected All-State Choir Member would be unable to attend:
Madalyne Rector (Junior), Soprano 2
Lara Quiring (Sophomore), Alto 2
Corbin Hubbell (Junior), Tenor 2

Congratulations to ALL East Choir students who auditioned! This is a huge honor and a testament to the hard work of our students.
Accepted students should mark their calendars for November 19th-21st. More information is forthcoming.

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