BackPack Extra Mile Walk set for 10 a.m. April 28, 2018

About the Walk

The eleventh annual Lincoln Public Schools BackPack Extra Mile Walk is set 10 a.m. (some fun festivities begin earlier) for April 28, 2018 at Lincoln East High School.

In ten years of walking, LPS employees have raised over $1.5 million for the Food Bank of Lincoln’s BackPack program, which provides Friday food-filled backpacks to children who need help with nourishment over the weekends.

The two major goals of the walk are:

  • Raising money for the hungry children of our community
  • Educating our community about the needs of children at LPS

The walk is organized by the BackPack Committee with the help of the LPS Business Affairs Leadership team. The BackPack Extra Mile Committee: Mindy Burbach, Sue Cassata, De Ann Currin, Gary Czapla, Jess Jefferson, Jason Keese, Pat Hunter-Pirtle, John Neal, Mary Kay Roth, Kim Schmidt, Cindy Schwaninger, Liz Standish, and Greg Tebo from Lincoln Public Schools and Corrine Gernhart, Michaella Kumke, John Mabry, Alynn Sampson and Scott Young from the Food Bank.