Show Choir Crew/Band

LSW Show Choir Crew consists of students that help with the behind-the-scenes action during a Show Choir Competition. This means assisting with costume changes, moving boxes for soloists, setting up the stage before/after the show, and handing off microphones etc.

Crew travels to EVERY competition and LSW HOME concerts that Ambience or Resonance is involved in. (Schedule below) LSW Crew is expected to attend Tuesday Rehearsals after school from 4-7PM starting Late October/Early November

Crew Sign-Up/Questionnaire Coming SOON

LSW Echo (Show Band) consists of students that play the accompaniment music for the Show Choir.  We start morning rehearsals October 25th/26th. We use live music so we need instruments such as trumpets, trombones, saxophones, pianos/keyboards, drums and more!

Echo (Show Band) Auditions will be 10/20/21. Students interested in auditioning should do the following:
1) Students sign up for Google Classroom – link HERE
2) Parents/Students fill out the Audition/Agreement form – link HERE
3) Students practice the audition music in classroom and sign up for an audition time in Google Classroom.

Crew and Echo travels to EVERY competition and LSW HOME concerts that Ambience or Resonance is involved in. LSW Echo (Show Band) is expected to rehearse Mondays (Ambience Band) and/or Tuesdays (Resonance Band).

Q: How come it costs so much to participate in Show Choir Band/Crew?
A: Costs are based on the actual costs of hotels, costumes, competition entrance fees, busing costs, and arrangement/music costs.

Q: Why don’t we use Showdown money to cover the costs of participation?
A: Simply put,….we do use Showdown money to cover the cost of participation….just not the way most families would think. It costs each student far more than $200 to participate if you factor in the costs of riser up-keep, microphone up-keep, construction of boxes, stairs, and other set items, and clinician costs. These sort of costs are covered by Showdown profits and we HAVE used money to purchase risers, folders, transportation, partially funding Choir Trips to Chicago (Wheaton, FAME Chicago/Nationals).

I hope this helps families understand how we “do business” at Southwest. If you have further questions, please e-mail me and I’ll do my best to answer them.



Below is the Competition/Performance schedule for both Ambience/Resonance. These performances are Mandatory. Reminder: only other LSW activities (Performances/Competitions) are those that CAN be excused other than Illness/Family Emergency. Those must be communicated to Mr. Jacobson over two weeks in advance by email.
December 17th – LSW Show Choir Premiere Concert  – LSW Auditorium – 6:30PM/7:45PM

January 15th – UNL Midwest Cup – Lied Center for Performing Arts – Lincoln, NE – RESONANCE/AMBIENCE – (BAND/CREW)

January 22nd  – Burke Bonanza – Omaha Burke High School – Omaha, NE – RESONANCE/AMBIENCE – (BAND/CREW)

January 29th – Lincoln East Spartan Spectacular – Lincoln East High School – Lincoln, NE – RESONANCE/AMBIENCE – (BAND/CREW)

February 5th –  Southwest Showdown – LSW – Lincoln, NE- RESONANCE/AMBIENCE – (BAND/CREW)

February 12th – Elkhorn South Crystal Classic – Elkhorn South High School – Elkhorn, NE –  RESONANCE/AMBIENCE – (BAND/CREW)

February 26th  –– Norris High School – Firth, NE –  RESONANCE/AMBIENCE – (BAND/CREW)

March 1st – LSW Choir Concert w/Show Choir – LSW Auditorium – 7PM – RESONANCE/AMBIENCE – (BAND/CREW)

May 9th  – LSW Spring Concert – LSW Auditorium – 6:30PM