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The first day of summer break always brings promise. You look ahead and take a deep sigh of relief. A little time to accomplish summer projects! I always make a summer “To Do” list, and health related items like dentist, annual check-up, etc. are always included. It’s much easier to schedule health appointments in the summer…or so I thought.

This past summer I decided to have a mole removed from my face. Not for health reasons, it was really just aesthetic. Kinda like Enrique Iglesias.

When I called to make the appointment, the first available date was August 5th! Now I will admit, I called in late June maybe early July, but August 5th…that was the day before school started!

So I went to school August 6th with a band-aid stuck to my face. And not in an inconspicuous place, either- right there, in front, by my nose- obvious for all to see.

But not one of the kids even asked about it. I couldn’t believe it. Kids who always notice everything. I can’t wear a pair of pants twice in one week without hearing about it, or get a haircut without some probing. They didn’t even inquire about a band-aid on my face.

After two weeks it was time to stop wearing a band-aid. What freedom, what joy, what normalcy I felt. I went to pick up first graders for recess, and little Chloe took one look at me and asked:

“What happened to your band-aid?”

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