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Lunchroom Management

We always want what’s best for kids. Sometimes that means certain kids not sitting by certain classmates. Maybe together they talk too much, or giggle too loudly, or get on each other’s nerves. This is a regular occurrence and just a fact of school life (sometimes adult life, too).

So yesterday at lunch, a second grade girl raised her hand and told me “I’m not allowed to sit by most beans.”

Conflict Management! I was on the case! I looked around the table, quickly assessing who she needed to stay away from. Which student does she have a conflict with? Who can she sit by? My eyes scanned the faces…But somewhere in the back of my mind something wasn’t right. I paused, and I asked her to repeat herself.

“I’m not allowed to sit by most beans,” she said. “They make me sick.”

“Beans” is not a student in her class. “Beans” = legumes. She is allergic to legumes.

That’s OK! This I can do! I was back on the case! I have a strategy to keep the peace, an easy fix to avoid any conflict! I found her a beanless table. I do wish they were all that easy.

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