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Questioning To Hurry

Every morning I welcome kids as they enter the building. I’m always encouraged when I see their young selves ready to begin a new day, young minds eager to inquire.

With a salute and a wave, I’m usually trying to hurry the kids along (quietly) and get them on to class (without running). I’m always telling them how important it is to be seated and ready when their teacher begins. In response, I get smiles, a lot of “Good Mornings” and “Hellos” and even an occasional quick hug.

But the best greeting ever was from Victor. He was a little late one day, and I figured I must hurry him (without running). But he stopped me in the hall, patted me on the arm, looked up at me and inquired “How’s my library teacher?” And the best part of the whole encounter was that he wanted an answer. He held my arm; he wasn’t moving until I responded. I guess sometimes it’s more important to make human contact, to show someone you care. Thanks to Victor, I now hurry a little slower.

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