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We have a “portable” classroom behind the school. Truthfully, we have three, and they’re actually just trailers, but “portable” sounds nicer, I guess? A few years ago, one portable was used by the District Office as a computer repair shop of sorts. One morning I noticed a bunny sitting outside the door near a pile of leaves. On another occasion, I saw at least ten butterflies poised on the side of the building.

But seeing wildlife at school is not unique (I don’t mean students). I have seen hawks, geese, spiders, and even snakes outside at recess, but these two particular sightings struck me as unique. Why this portable…We have three to choose from, what makes this one special, no preferable?

And then I knew- this was Nature’s way of combating the monotonous drone of technology. Juxtaposed against the backdrop of a dull gray trailer full of hard drives, screens, cords, and mice (not the animals), was a beauty beyond reckoning. Two of the cutest (and two of my favorite) creations: Bunnies and Butterflies.

The portable is now used for furniture storage, and to be honest, I haven’t seen any critters nearby.

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