April 17 Letter to Families Regarding Bullying

Dear Zeman Families,

I would like to follow up and tell you what happened at school with our fifth grade students today as a result of a bullying flyer that was sent home on Tuesday.  You may have heard from the school, other parents, or various media sources about this incident.  The flyer is not an LPS publication and conveyed a message that is inconsistent with our district bullying policy.

This morning, educators and I met with all Zeman fifth graders to clarify and provide accurate information about the expectations we have of students at Lincoln Public Schools and at Zeman regarding bullying situations.  A few examples follow:

  • Tell your child that bullying is wrong and unsafe and that adults need to know if bullying is occurring.
  • Teach your child ways to “talk it out” not “fight it out.”
  • Teach your child to take action when they see others being bullied.
  • Contact a school staff member for assistance when faced with a bullying situation.

This is the same message we have given to all Zeman students in the past and will continue to do so in the future.  We take bullying seriously and have worked to educate children about appropriate responses in a variety of ways.

Again, we apologize for the miscommunication and anxiety this caused for our fifth grade families. For valuable information you can check the link on our webpage where you will find “The Facts About Bullying”.

If you have further concerns please call me at 402-436-1169.

Donna Williams