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Enrichment activity #4; due April 25th,  2017. 40 summative points

 Topic: Something Special About Germany and German-Speaking Countries

Let’s be creative!

Think about something that would relate to Germany and German-speaking countries. Choose something and do a  little research about it and write down 5 interesting facts.  Create a flyer, draw a picture, build a castle :), record a song or a poem.


  • appearance (neatness) – max. 10 points
  • content (how well is the theme conveyed) — 10 points
  • language (grammar, vocabulary etc.- please write in English)  – 10  points
  • why did you choose this object? how it relates to you? (Ah-ha!)- 10 points


Enrichment activity #3: due March 1st, 2017. 40 summative points

Topic: Wissenschaft

  1. Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz und Staffelwalzenmaschine
  2. Konrad Zuse und Computer
  3. Johann Friedrich Böttger und Porzellan
  4. Carl Zeiss und Optik
  5. Karl Drais und Laufmaschine
  6. Ferdinand von Zeppelin und Luftschiffe
  7. Adolf Ferdinand Weinhold und Thermoskanne
  8. Karl Friedrich Gegauf und Nähmaschine
  9. Melitta Bentz und Kaffeefilter

Choose one of the following topics and create a slide-show.

The slide-show should include 8 slides (a cover slide (with the name of the student), 5 slides with the information (each slide should have at least 3 sentences), an Aha- slide and a slide with the resources).


  • content- max 10 points
  • organization- max 10 points
  • appearance- max 10 points
  •  aha- slide (I learned…. I did not know that…..I would like…..)- max 10 points

Enrichment activity #2: due November 30th, 2016. 40 summative points


Topic: Freizeit in Deutschland und deutschsprachigen Ländern (Deutschland, Österreich, die Schweiz)

Sport (maybe favorite Fußballmannschaft?), Musik (Komponist oder Rockmusik, Gruppe)

Free time activities: traveling plans (statistic about travel plans, how long is the vacation, etc), bicycle / cycling (is there anything like Tour de France in Germany)?

TV for kids (what are kids’ favorite TV- shows, what channel?)


  • content
  • organization
  • appearance
  •  aha- slide (I learned…. I did not know that…..I would like…..)


DEUTSCH 3, DEUTSCH 4- Arztbesuch (Hört mal zu und schreibt darüber)

SG #053: Arztbesuch

ENRICHMENT ACTIVITY (all levels)- due October 4th, 2016

The enrichment activity is about The Berlin Wall. You can create a flyer or a google docs presentation and share it with me (5 slides minimum). Please include the information what you found interesting about this topic.

It is a summative assignment (40 points)

You will be graded on:

  • content
  • organization
  • appearance
  •  aha- slide


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All homework assignments are due FRIDAY.

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