April 18, 2016



April 19: PTO Meeting, 5:30pm

               Family Learning Meeting, 6:30pm

April 20: 4th Grade Field Trip, Homestead National Park

               Luau Party, Ms. Brown’s Early Childhood Class

April 24: VIP Elementary Art in the Community Show

April 26: PLC Day, Students Dismiss at 2:18pm, No School for Early Childhood Students

               Spring Vocal Music and D.R.U.M. Circle Concert, 6:00pm

April 28: 1st Grade Parent Information Night, 5:00-6:00pm

              5th Grade Student Art Show and D.R.U.M Circle Performance, 4:30-6:30pm

April 29: Students in Elementary Schools NOT in Attendance

April 30: Mayor’s Run, 8:00am



Construction to Begin!

You may have seen the sign out front. Looks like construction will begin April 18th.


The first phase of the project will begin with the eight-classroom addition on the west side of the school, which will cover most of the soccer field. The 3rd and 4th Grade arrival and dismissal doors will be closed during the entire construction, which will impact the dismissal and recess. Phase one will be completed December of 2016.


Beginning in early May, construction will begin on all of the 3rd and 4th Grade classrooms, except for Mr. Fralick. Third grade classes will be relocated to rooms within the building and the 4th grade classes will occupy the portables. Construction will begin on the main entrance of the school. At the same time a secure and larger entrance will be added to our building. Access to our office will be through the Kindergarten doors. Our Secure Entrance Monitor will be at the Kindergarten doors to greet and allow visitors entrance to the building.



Arrival and Dismissal During Spring Construction

We will continue to use our same drop-off procedure. Students in 3rd-5th Grade will enter the building through the main doors and either go to breakfast or walk through the building to go on the walk.


Please talk with your child so that they will be able to tell their teacher names of other students they will need to meet and which door they will need to go out for dismissal. Teachers will make these arrangements to get students connected so that they can exit the building together. This should make the dismissal plan consistent without any changes to the traffic pattern. You will pick up your child in the same place you have all year.



Clubs Ending

April 22nd is the last day of clubs for the following clubs: Tennis, Homework, Drama, Math-1st grade, Math-Kindergarten, Reading, Boys Scouts, Girls Scouts, We Cook, Student Council, Coding and Surreal Ceramics.

April 25th is the last day of clubs for Mad Science and Science Squad.


NeSA Testing Continues

The testing dates and times are as follows:

5th Grade

April 28, Reading

April 19 & 21, Math

April 25-26, Science


Being in school during testing is very important. Please reschedule any appointments that may take your

child out of school on the testing dates listed. As always, we appreciate your support!



Final Call for Spring Pictures

I hope you have returned any unwanted spring pictures. If you still have a packet, please return it to school immediately. If the pictures aren’t purchased or returned then LifeTouch will send you a bill for the pictures.



Mayor’s Run

The 29th annual KFRX Mayor’s Run is Saturday, April 30, 2016 at 8:00 am as the State Capitol. Everything you want to know about the Mayor’s Run and entry forms can be found at www.lincolnrun.org/races/mayors.



You’re Invited!

The VIP Elementary Art in the Community Show is being held Sunday, April 24th from 1:00-3:00pm at the District Office. I am proud to announce that 6 of our West Lincoln Students have artwork in the show!


Please join us at the West Lincoln 5th Grade Student Art Show, “Home is Where the Art Is”. The show is being held at Indigo Bridge Book Store located at 701 P Street # 102. D.RU.M. Circle will be performing at the open house!

Artwork will be displayed from April 28 thru May 2.






Scott Schwartz, Principal