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West Lincoln Library

Arrival and Dismissal photo


March 30-Young People’s Concert, 4th Grade Field Trip

March 31- Students Dismissed at 2:18pm for PLC and No School for Early Childhood Students

                 Family Learning Meeting, 5:30-7:30pm

April 03-Schools Not in Session

April 10-Morrill Hall, 3rd Grade Field Trip-Mr. Fralick and Ms. Piliero’s Class

April 13- Morrill Hall, 3rd Grade Field Trip-Ms. Barnett and Ms. Dawson’s Class

April 14-Morrill Hall, 5th Grade Field Trip-Ms. dela Pena and Ms. Teachout’s Class

             Band, Chorus and Strings Concert, 6:30pm

April 15-Morrill Hall, 5th Grade Field Trip-Ms. Teachout’s Class

             Lincoln Community Playhouse, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grade Field Trip


Tornado Safety

This past week, we had a tornado drill. The students learned about what to do in the event of a tornado.

We practiced safely taking shelter in designated areas. In the event of a true weather emergency,

parents are not allowed to pick-up their child while children are in their safe area. We will ask that any

parent coming to pick-up their child, take cover in the office or in the hall outside of the cafeteria.


NeSA Testing Begins

There are several things parents can do to positively contribute to their child’s success.

Encourage your child to put forth their best effort with positive statements expressing confidence

in their abilities and their efforts. A good night’s sleep and a nutritious breakfast will go a long

way to help your child best show what they know and are able to do on the test. Finally, being in

school during testing is very important. Please reschedule any appointments that may take your

child out of school on the testing dates listed. As always, we appreciate your support!


The testing dates and times are as follows:


March 31-April 3 April 6-9 April 13-17 April 20-24
3rd Grade NeSA-M 5th Grade NeSA-M 4th Grade NeSA-M
3rd Grade NeSA-R 5th Grade NeSA-R 4th Grade NeSA-R 5th Grade NeSA-S


Scott Schwartz, Principal







Parents and guardians:
Lincoln Public Schools – and all staff members at our school – are dedicated to providing all students
with the educational foundation necessary to succeed in future career, college and life. To ensure your
student’s success, we have set high standards that are reflected in what is taught in each of our schools
and classrooms.
Our school district is also committed to keeping our parents and community informed of important issues
affecting our schools. While LPS has long held high expectations for our students, our success is also
measured through federal education legislation called the
No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB).
Like almost all school districts in Nebraska, LPS may not meet what are called the Adequate Yearly
Progress (AYP) goals for 2014 as required by NCLB. These reports measure our school district’s
performance in terms of the percentage of students who are at or above state-defined academic standard
goals in major academic areas. For our schools to meet AYP this year, 100 percent of students –
regardless of special needs, English language mastery, or other life-impacting circumstances – must have
met proficiency standards. In fact, nearly every school in Nebraska will fail to meet these highly
unrealistic standards for 2014 – and as a result LPS schools may now be labeled “Not Met” or “Needs
LPS does not support an antiquated system that most educators and elected officials – as well as the U.S.
Department of Education – admit is not working. At the same time, we are not dismissing our mission to
ensure every child succeed and flourish in school. As educators we are fully committed to all students
reaching their full potential and we are proud of the significant academic progress our students are
making – as evidenced in increasing achievement scores district-wide, and our high school graduation
As a school that receives federal funds through Title I, the oldest and largest source of federal education
funding to assist schools with high rates of poverty, we are required to develop a comprehensive plan that
includes actively communicating with parents. We will notify you of an upcoming parent meeting at
which we will describe the academic and administrative improvements we are making as part of our plan,
and invite your input at that time. In the meantime, we invite you to review our school’s proficiency and
that of all LPS schools on the Nebraska Department of Education website (http://www.education.ne.gov/).
The link can be found titled ‘State of the Schools Report.’ We are also required to provide the option for
students who live in our attendance area to choose and enroll in another LPS school that is eligible to
receive School Choice transfers. A list of the schools available for choice is attached. If you are interested
in having your child attend another school, please contact our school office.
Finally, we also have tutoring services available for qualifying students. All parents received information
about how to utilize this service in September, and first semester enrollment for tutoring has now
completed. Information about second semester enrollment will be sent home in January. To qualify for
tutoring, your student must also qualify for the free or reduced meals program in addition to living in our
attendance area.
Bottom line: Our teachers, administrators and staff members at LPS are doing excellent work – reflected
in the achievement and accomplishments of our students. We appreciate your support of our students,
staff and schools.
Last Update: 10-2-14
ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS THAT HAVE NOT MET Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) during the 2013-2014 YEAR ONLY
Kooser Elementary School
Hill Elementary School
Beattie Elementary School
Rousseau Elementary School
Riley Elementary School
Morley Elementary School
Zeman Elementary School
Pyrtle Elementary School
TITLE I ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS THAT DID NOT MEET Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) during the 2013-2014 YEAR
And At Least One Other Year and are IN NEEDS IMPROVEMENT
School Choice, including Transportation, is available for students from any school below to any school in the same zone above. In
zones where there is more than one choice above, allowable transfers will be dependent upon grade levels that are open.
Arnold Elementary School
Elliott Elementary School
Calvert Elementary School
Brownell Elementary School
Holmes Elementary School
Belmont Elementary School
Everett Elementary School
Clinton Elementary School
Campbell Elementary School
McPhee Elementary School
Hartley Elementary School
Lakeview Elementary School
Prescott Elementary School
Huntington Elementary School
West Lincoln Elementary School
Saratoga Elementary School
Norwood Park Elementary School