Upcoming Dates

  • September 8
    • 1st Grade Parent Information Meeting, 5:00pm
  • September 12
    • Fundraiser Orders Due
    • Heritage School Field Trip, Ms. Battiato’s Class
  • September 13
    • Heritage School Field Trip, Ms. Piliero’s Class
    • PTO Meeting, 5:30-6:30pm
  • September 14
    • Heritage School Field Trip, Mrs. Geier’s Class
  • September 15
    • 2nd Grade Parent Information Meeting, 5:30pm
Scott Schwartz, Principal

Scott Schwartz, Principal


I was very impressed with the number of families who came to our open house before school started. As a school, we are off to a great start…even with the construction. Your children and our teachers have worked very hard this past week. We have great teachers and families!


Please remember that children cannot arrive at school before 8:25 am. There is no supervision before that time. Our temporary (Door 13) main door opens at 8:30 am for breakfast. If children will not be eating breakfast at school, they shouldn’t arrive before 8:50 am. Students arriving at school before 8:50 will be asked to go to the cafeteria and eat breakfast.


We have two areas where you can drop off your student for school. We have two curb cuts that are on the east and the south side of the building. If you are dropping off at the east curb cut, please travel south on North Chester. If you are dropping off at the south curb cut, please travel west on West Dawes. Parents are asked to pull to the end of the curb cut, so we can create a safe flow of traffic. Parking is not allowed for any period of time in the drop off areas. If you do want to park, please park in the neighborhood and walk your child up to the school. It would be helpful if you would not park on streets where other parents are dropping off students.


At dismissal, please pull into the cut-out or next to a curb to pick up students. It is not safe for students to pass between cars to get into your vehicle. Dismissal supervisors will ask you to use the crosswalks. This is for your safety and that of others. Drivers do not expect to see children crossing in areas where there are not crosswalks present. Crosswalks are clearly marked on West Dawes Avenue. Do not use the bus loading zone on N. Chester St. to pick up children. 

School is dismissed at 3:38 pm. Children need to be picked up from school in a timely manner. There is no supervision for students after 3:50 pm. Teachers and other staff are typically involved in meetings, both before and after school. 

Late Pick-up procedures

Staff will supervise students at dismissal. When outside supervision concludes, students not picked up are brought inside to the office to ensure safety. Parents are contacted and asked to come into the school and sign students out. If parents/guardians and all emergency contacts cannot be reached, the police may be contacted to help with unification.


Magdalena Benton is our Spanish speaking liaison. She will be at West Lincoln on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 9:00 until 11:00am. If you need to reach her at any other time you may contact her at (402)436-1887.

Tosh Jock is our Nuer Sudanese speaking liaison. He will be at West Lincoln on Wednesday from 9:00-12:00pm. If you need to reach him at any other time you may call him at (402)436-1892.

Khalaf Hesso is our Kurdish speaking liaison. You may contact him at (402)436-1959.

Sundus Elwan is our Arabic speaking liaison. You may contact her at (402)436-1991.

Ellie Kasab is our Russian speaking liaison. You may contact her at (402)436-1942.


Classrooms recognize birthdays in a variety of ways. Students are not allowed to bring birthday treats (edible or nonedible). Please do not send gifts, party favors, balloons, or flowers. These items will not be delivered to classrooms.

Invitations will not be distributed during the school day. Teachers should be notified ahead of time if a student has invitations to distribute after school. Phone numbers and addresses cannot be distributed by any school personnel.

Other items…

*Please look for notes coming home about parent information nights/days for you to attend.

*If you have any forms that you need to return, please do so as soon as possible.


Scott Schwartz, Principal