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Period 6- LUNCH

  • Lunch tomorrow will be different. There will be TWO lunch periods, A & B. Your lunch period is determined by your 6th period teacher. Since you have me as your 6th period teacher you will have _____ lunch.
  • If you have A lunch you will go to lunch after 5th
  • If you have B lunch you will go to lunch after 6th
  • You always need your student ID when you go through the lunch line. All students will line up along the wall before entering and then you will pick up a tray to go through the lunch line.
  • There are lots of options for things to eat. The cafeteria workers will help you know what is part of the normal “SCHOOL LUNCH” and what items cost extra. After you select what you want, you go through the lunch line to have your ID swiped or pay cash.
  • Students can sit where ever they want, but you should plan on remaining seated and not moving around from table to table.
  • You can go to the media center when you have finished eating but you will need to get a pass from the adult sitting at the door closest to the media center. There are a limited number of passes so you will only be allowed to go if there are passes available.
  • When you are done eating please return your tray to the tray return area and throw away your trash.
  • Someone using a microphone in the cafeteria dismisses students. You will then have 6 minutes to get to your next class.
  • Lincoln High School also offers a breakfast from 7:15-7:45 each morning. Students enter the north doors of the cafeteria for breakfast.