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Period 2- IDs and Scanning-In

PERIOD 2: (Be Safe)–ID expectations and put personal Information in planners

  • Just like you need a KEY to start a car, YOU ALWAYS need your ID to scan in to start your day at Lincoln High
  • Your ID is your entry into the building. As you enter the building, you are required to scan in at the door and have your ID around your neck (this is required at all times). If you would need to leave at any time during the day (not after school), you are also required to SCAN OUT of the building. Your safety is important to us, so this ensures we know where you are when at LHS.
  • If for some reason, you do not have your ID for the day, you can get a temporary ID to use for that day. Temp IDs cost $1.00, so do your best wear your permanent ID everyday.