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Major vs. Minor Behavior Chart


Classroom Managed Behaviors (Minor) Office Managed Behaviors (Major)
Electronic devices Repeated rule violations
Talking (calling out/blurting/out of turn) Violence towards students, staff or self
No supplies Threats made to students, staff or self
Dress Code Violations Initiating or engaging in fighting
Refusal to work/pattern of not completing work Possessing weapons
Sleeping in class/head on desk Possessing, using or being under the influence of any controlled substance, alcohol, tobacco, or E-Cigarette
Disruptive Behavior Defacing, stealing, or destroying school or student property
Inappropriate language (non-directed) Pattern of not being in assigned area
Name calling/teasing Inappropriate language directed at students or staff (including slurs)
Student ID Bullying, threatening, harassing, discriminating or hazing students or staff
Eating or drinking (other than water) Academic dishonesty
Failure to complete work Photographing, audio or video recording of staff or students without permission
Truancy/Tardiness Initiating any false alarm or bomb threat
Disrespectful behavior (tone, attitude body language) Participating in gambling
Running in halls/horseplay Possession or use of lighters, bullets, shells, fireworks, or other explosive devices.
  Chronic truancy/tardiness and excessive tardiness
  Repeated or major insubordination
  Leaving school grounds without permission


Strategies to change behaviors
Teacher proximity
Verbal re-direction
Prompting of classroom expectations
Planned praise
Non-verbal reminder
Changing seat
Praising the student
Conference with the student
Speak with a colleague (other teacher of the student, counselor or admin)
Speak with parent/guardian