Week of December 12

At the end of first semester, TCA Faculty and Staff want to remind students that we are pleased you have chosen to “do high school differently” by taking advantage of the many career-readiness opportunities available at The Career Academy.  We also want to remind students to finish this semester strong by using their college-readiness skills of Attendance, Meeting Deadlines, Checking Email/Technology and Self-Advocacy.

Monday, December 19 is TCA’s last day of first semester.  Students will not attend TCA and buses will not run Tuesday through Thursday of next week due to LPS Finals at home high schools.  Students return to TCA on Wednesday, January 4.  Students may want to see if they can make arrangements with their embedded course teachers if they would like to come in for help or finalize work.

Semester II SCC/TCA Registrations are being completed this week at TCA.  Semester II Registrations may be held if a student is not performing well in their SCC courses and may be at risk of not meeting a course pre-requisite for second semester or being placed on Academic Probation due to earning less than a 2.0 SCC cumulative GPA.  Please notify Mrs. Lohmeyer, TCA School Counselor if you have any changes or questions about second semester.

Students on the Learn to Dream Scholarship are encouraged to apply on-line for the ACE (Access College Early) scholarship at https://ccpe.nebraska.gov/ACE available from the Nebraska Department of Education for high school students taking dual credit classes.  This will allow you to use more of your Learn to Dream scholarship after you graduate from high school.  See Mrs. Lohmeyer if you have any questions.

Upcoming Field Trips on December 15

Precision Machining to Garner Industries, Lincoln Public Schools

Early Childhood Education to Durham Museum in Omaha

K-12 Education to Durham History Museum in Omaha

Semester II Calendar Events:


4 – TCA Semester II Begins

12 – TCA Information Session for Prospective Students

16 – Martin Luther King Day – No School

17 – TCA Information Session for Prospective Students

24 – TCA Information Session for Prospective Students

26 – TCA Information Session for Prospective Students


20 – President’s Day – No School


7 – TCA College and Career Readiness Evaluation/TCA Job Fair

13-17 – Spring Break – No School


14 & 17 – No School

19 – LPS ACT Test Day – TCA Not in Session

25 – TCA Senior Recognition


19 – TCA Semester II Last Day

22-24 – LPS Finals at Home High Schools

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