September 26 TCA Announcements

Thanks for attending TCA’s Open House/Career Readiness Update last week.  It is great to see TCA parents in the building.

Students and parents are reminded to be diligent in all their courses at TCA.  The Embedded Core Classes (English and GoPo) only meet once a week, but may have assignments to complete on a daily basis.  Make sure students don’t fall behind.  These “once a week” courses help students meet their required graduation credits and are an excellent way to learn and apply college readiness skills.  Please make a point to “self-advocate” and speak with your TCA instructor if you are falling behind.

 TCA Tuition at SCC:  Parents and students are reminded to have their student log on to SCC’s Web Advisor to pay their tuition on-line or write a check for your student to drop off at SCC.  Tuition must be paid before the end of the semester to be able to register for TCA’s second semester classes. Students on scholarship (Learn to Dream or Foundation for LPS) are asked to ignore the tuition statement on-line until SCC has had the opportunity to update the accounts of students on scholarship.  This may take SCC a few weeks to process.

 Attend the Lincoln Area College Fair to talk to representatives from colleges across the state, region and nation on Sunday, October 9, 1:00-3:00 p.m. at Southeast Community College.

Register for a barcode before attending a college fair by visiting  Print the barcode and take it to the fair so that college reps can scan it. This will save time spent completing college information cards.

Seniors applying to a college other than SCC for the Fall of 2016 are reminded to send your SCC transcripts in addition to your high school transcript.  SCC Transcript Request Forms are available in the TCA Main Office.

 TCA Field Trips this Week:

9/28/2016 IT Programming AM Assurity Center
2000 Q Street
9/29/2016 Early Childhood PM Messiah Lutheran 1800 S 84th St
Peshing Elementary, 6402 Judson
9/30/2016 IT Networking PM Li-Cor
4647 Superior St
9/30/2016 Early Childhood PM Messiah Lutheran 1800 S 84th St
Pershing 6402 Judson

 TCA Guest Speakers this Week:

9/27/2016 Ag Bio Science PM Kellan Heavican Heavican Genetics Owner Bovine Artificial Insemination
9/30/2016 Ag Bio Science BOTH UNL Beef Lab – Rachel Slattery UNL UNL Extension Husker Beef Lab — Bovine Digestion – Nutrition

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